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Our process has been to document, assess and personally connect to each project and the participants.  We are invited into the communities, where personal relationships and trust are established long before we bring out a camera.  In most cases, this has meant first spending months or even years on the ground.  We listen to the needs and vision of each project and help create long-term goals.  


We produce ethical and socially responsible photography and film for these projects.  Each project has access to all footage for their own promotion.  Back on our end, we also use the footage to connect each project to appropriate sources of funding.  


The projects that interest us are usually continuous, long-term, and empowering to the community.  Of course, they are also spearheaded by women.


Rather than appearing with quick-fixes or short-term volunteerism, we endeavor to uplift projects that require skill-sharing and community participation, which ultimately lead to sustainability.

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