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Nyakagyezi, Uganda

During the 80’s and 90”s, approximately 1.2 million children in Uganda were orphaned due to the AIDS virus sweeping through the country.

Who came to the rescue?


Jovan lives deep in the Rwenzori Mountains, only accessible by footpath.  

When her adult children died from AIDS, she was left to care for grandchildren in a dilapidated home built in 1972.

When Nyaka school realized most children were unable to focus in school, or even show up for class at all, they realized they needed to go a step further to ensure they had a proper roof over their heads, and a safe place to call home.

It was clear they need to provide support for the backbone of society and the caretakers of these vulnerable children - the grandmothers.

 Nyaka came in provided Jovan with a new home.

Now she's able to provide a safe, clean home for her grand children.

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