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Kabale, Uganda

Grace Villa is a sanctuary and loving home for vulnerable girls in southern Uganda, Africa.

Leaving behind a successful career and life in Boston, Ruth followed her heart and returned to her home village in southern Uganda.

 She felt it was time to give back to her community by caring for orphans and vulnerable girls.

Little did she know, she would soon legally adopt the girls and start a family.

And so, the journey began.

"I knew it would be a warm environment, but I didn't expect it to be a family, and that's what we are".  


In the beginning, Ruth and the girls lived on her personal savings and the kindness of others.

Today, Ruth and the girls have created income generating businesses to support some of their most basic needs.

When Elizabeth's parents died of AIDS, she became distant and lost - she had nowhere to go, and became another homeless child on the streets at the age of just 5. 

She was destined to become another statistic, but Ruth stepped in to help.  She provides her with an education, healthcare and a loving home.

Ruth is well known and highly respected in the community.

Along with paying school fees for each Grace Villa girl, she has a personal relationship with their teachers.

The girls of Grace Villa have been through the unthinkable. They now live in a clean, safe home where they can focus on their dreams for the future.

The girls take nothing for granted in their home.

They care for the home and each other without complaint.

They're grateful for what they have - a loving family.

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